[Gambas-user] protected for a variable inherited from a class

Mayost Sharon sharon at 455.co.il
Sat Apr 22 20:24:55 CEST 2023

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> On 4/20/23 23:53, Mayost Sharon wrote:
> > 1. You seem to be what you were seemingly to achieve through:
> > Static Public Function GetPrivate() As Integer
> > (that doesn't work either)
> Of course it doesn't work. The value that function returns is dynamic not 
> static. Static and dynamic methods and variables cannot be mixed.
> > 2. In your example, still when I register hObj1 and a period in the IDE, it completes me and shows me that there is a GetPrivate method. I'm looking for a way that it won't show it to me when I create an instance of CLASS1 but when I'm in CLASS2 which is an inheritance of CLASS1 so Inside it will be possible to access CLASS1.GetPrivate
> If CLASS2 has inherited CLASS1, then it has also inherited the GetPrivate 
> method and, therefore, it then makes no sense to attempt to access that method 
> with a syntax of CLASS1.GetPrivate. If you wish to access it with that syntax, 
> then don't inherit CLASS1 in CLASS2.
> Now why does it matter to you what the IDE auto-completion function shows you?
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> Lee
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Because if I end up creating a component
It better be arranged as perfect components work

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