[Gambas-user] gb.chart pre-reqs?

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Tue Apr 18 15:34:06 CEST 2023

Il 18/04/23 12:40, KKing ha scritto:
> I'm using Gambas from the Debian 11 Bullseye repository which is at 
> version 3.15.2
> The "gambas3-gb-chart" package is present and installed, but if I 
> start a new gambas project and go to Project properties gb.chart is 
> greyed out?
> I've tried standard "Graphical Application", GTK and QT it's always 
> greyed out?
> Is some other package/component need to be installed or selected 
> before gb.chart becomes available?
> K. 


you might try the latest stable version of the component found at this 
download the component as a compressed file by clicking on an extension 
under Download this directory if instead you do it from Download source 
code you download all the source code of Gambas3 stable latest version.
Once you have downloaded the component you unzip it in the traditional 
way (it is too complex to be unzipped directly from the IDE).
Open the Gambas IDE and navigate to the folder where you saved 
gambas-stable-comp-src-gb.chart > comp > src > gb.chart and Open it.
Now all you have to do is run FTest as usual, if it works it means that 
the version of Gambas3 found on Debian 11 by default is buggy.



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