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> Thank you
> I learned another new thing from your example, thanks
> But I want to reach something like this:
> pet.cat.name
> pet.Dog.name

A class is a blueprint for an object. "Pet" is an object built say, from 
the Dog class. You can't reference a Cat from a Dog. "Pet".name here is 
"Fido" you reference Pet.Name, not Pet.Dog.Name!

Try thinking like this. A blueprint for YourHouse is used by a builder 
to construct your house. If you want to go to the kitchen you go to 
YourHouse.Kitchen not YourHouse.blueprint.Kitchen - if you try that you 
will be standing on a piece of paper. Get the drift?

> And through a Cat class want to change a variable that is in ANIMAL

When the Pet object is the cat,  the Main routine sets properties in the 
Animal class e.g. Pet.Name="Tiddles". There is no need to access 
Pet.animal.Name because Pet(Cat) _is_ an animal!

However, if you want to set an animal property inside a cat object then 
it can be done by using the Me construct. Again read 
https://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/object-model this until your eyes bleed, 
especially 3.1

> I will try to make a more logical sample code from TIMER so that they know what I want
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