[Gambas-user] Problem with MediaPipeline

vuott at tutanota.com vuott at tutanota.com
Sun Apr 16 19:57:42 CEST 2023

I tried your code, obviously changing the name of the audio device, as I detected, and replacing the word "$USER".
Your code works for me !

I also enabled this line, taking into account Benoit's last modification in this regard:
   enc["target"] = "bitrate"
and it works just the same.


16 apr 2023, 16:27 da claus.dietrich at freenet.de:

> Am 16.04.23 um 00:10 schrieb Benoit      Minisini:
>> This      is why I ask you to send a full project and not a piece of code.
> As said, it was the full project - see attached program.
> Best regards
> Claus

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