[Gambas-user] Implement DGNLib in gambas

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun Sep 11 19:58:59 CEST 2022

El 10/9/22 a las 11:50, Fabien Bodard escribió:
> What are tout exactly trying to achieve ?
Hi Fabien.
The idea behind this topic is to be able to import and export DGN v7 
files [1].
The CAD programs GambasCAD (from tercoide) and GauchoSketch (mine) 
currently import DWG and for that they use an external C program (from 
the LibreDWG project) through Shell that extracts the data from a DWG 
file and with that information, after sorting it, draws the plan.
At the moment I am adding the feature to import DGN files with more or 
less the same method.
As the dgnlib library is smaller, is perfectly documented and also 
allows to write DGN files I would like to be able to use directly the 
library with extern in gambas and skip the TXT generation step and try 
to write DGN files.

[1] v7 because the library does not open version 8 and there is no free 
licensed library available for v8.

Martín Belmonte.

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