[Gambas-user] Query for sorting not work

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Mon Sep 5 22:49:16 CEST 2022

Il 05/09/22 18:16, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
> Gridview.Columns.Ascending is a property of Columns, so it would have to 
> behave as a toggle for *all* columns. If you want the default sort order 
> for a click on a different column to be ascending, you can modify your 
> Column click event handler thus:
> Public Sub GridView1_ColumnClick(Column As Integer)
>    If $iCurrentColumn <> Column Then
>      GridView1.Columns.Ascending = True
>      $iCurrentColumn = Column
>    Endif
> End

Hi Lee,

It doesn't change anything, it always makes two steps, two ascending 
instead of one descending and one ascending.

But I probably didn't explain well what I meant.
It is not important, thank you anyway


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