[Gambas-user] Beta testing - Photo organizer.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Oct 31 00:11:15 CET 2022

El 29/10/22 a las 20:59, T Lee Davidson escribió:
> I tried running your project on openSUSE Leap 15.3. It fails to operate 
> correctly on two counts.


 > I changed lines 86-95 of System.Distro to thus:


 > (BTW, what does line 90 do?)


 > 1. The name of the package on openSUSE is "libexif12", and
 > 2. You have not provided a case for opensuse (or any rpm-based 
distro) > in the Select statement of System.PkgStat.


 > The Tooltip for the Settings button (gear icon) is "Help".
 > Developer should be spelled with one 'p'. 😛

Fixed 😛

 > The application now launches with no errors. But, I am unable to test 
 > it any further because selecting "Computer" from the drop-down does
 > not show devices and Dialog.SelectDirectory does not allow for
 > entering a location manually. I would need to enter a location using
 > Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).

What graphics library is the desktop you are using based on? GTK, QT 
other? I'm using Manjaro GTK then I see the devices on the dialog box. 
maybe if you are using qt based try to switch to to "qt" components.

Thanks for your feedback.
The changes are applied to the latest version of the repository.


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