[Gambas-user] EDITOR environment variable

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Fri Oct 28 00:15:44 CEST 2022

Hi Benoit,

it happened to me on Mint 21 Cinnamon and Gambas 3.17.3, to another user 
on Ubuntu 22.10 and Gambas 3.17.90, that when starting the first project 
this warning appeared:

"Please set the $EDITOR environment variable with your favorite 
graphical text editor. Some version control commands need it."

I saw that the warning comes from the VersionControl module, which first 
checks whether one of these text editors is installed on the system: 
kwrite, mousepad, leafpad, puma, gedit and emacs or the environment 

We solved it with this terminal command:
sudo nano /etc/environment
by adding the line to the file:
EDITOR="xed" for Mint and EDITOR="gnome-text-editor" for Ubuntu.
Saved and restarted.

Alternatively, one can also install gedit or something else to one's liking.

However, I found out that a user of Mint 20.01 and Gambas 3.17.3, who 
did not set the environment variable and did not install any of the 
required editors, never got the warning and Gambas works fine.

Can you kindly explain why the project was not working for me?

I thank you very much

Greetings and good night :-)


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