[Gambas-user] an observation on window placement with multiple screens

Claus Dietrich claus.dietrich at freenet.de
Thu Oct 13 12:09:41 CEST 2022

Hi Bruce

I always work with two screens and according to my experiences Gambas 
behaves like all other applications. It opens its windows on the primary 
screen unless you tell the windows (by setting their x and y - 
coordinates) to open it somewhere else. It belongs to one of my 
standards, that Gambas apps remember (by using gb.settings), where they 
were located last time.

Most of the Gambas apps I came across have the annoying effect you are 
describing. They have typically been developed on a single screen 
platform and people did not consider the consequences if their app is 
started on a multi screen platform.

Best regards


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