[Gambas-user] Dialog box to select options.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Wed Oct 12 22:01:25 CEST 2022

El 12/10/22 a las 11:08, gian via User escribió:
> I do not know exactly why I love the Open event, perhaps because I place 
> it on the light side of programming, while _new, _init, etc. I place 
> them on the dark side.
> I am afraid that this love has led me to write some confusing code, 
> besides, someone said that the night brings advice.
> I therefore attach my final version of InputRadioButton (box), hoping to 
> have improved it.

Yeah, I guess it's a bit like Jin-Jang.
The known and the unknown, the comfort zone and the uncertainty zone, 
and so on.
I'm glad you had fun writing the code.
And this snippet has potential because in principle you could put in any 
kind of variable.

   If Me.ShowModal() Then
     Return $sValue

Thanks again, I will apply this code in a few programs.

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