[Gambas-user] Drag & Drop ListView selection, does not work

Claus Dietrich claus.dietrich at freenet.de
Mon Oct 10 09:33:27 CEST 2022

 >On 9/23/22 16:58, gian via User wrote:
>>/In this test if you try to move by dragging it with the left mouse 
button an Item to another Item the first Item will take the />>/position of the other Item which will move together with all those that 
precede (or follow) it by one position. />>//>>/My intent is to obtain, along with the displacement, a correct 
selection of the displaced Item. />>//>>/The selection happens correctly only after the third attempt, from 
there on it works fine, why? />
>I am finding the same behavior.
>After the very first drag and drop operation, *something* is causing the internal item cursor to be set to the original position 
>of the dragged item, and the item now in that position is also selected. It is as if the ListView is attempting to maintain the 
>GUI state of the container. An iteration of the System.Backtrace collection, coded within the ListView1_Select event handler, 
>indicates it may be related to GridView.TimerScroll_Timer.1202.
>That internally-forced selection is repeated with every press of the keyboard down-arrow and can only be overcome by manually 
>making a selection with the mouse. Once it is overcome, the behavior is as expected.
>I think there is nothing you can do to alleviate that anomalous behavior, Gianluigi. I think we need someone like Benoît to 
>confirm the behavior of ListView/TreeView/GridView after Remove/Add or Drag/Drop operations.

Dear Lee
Only for your information: I launched an according bug report (2639) and Benoît fixed it.
Gianluigi is informed already.
Best regards

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