[Gambas-user] Gambas packager warning for Debian 12 derivations.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun Oct 2 18:37:38 CEST 2022

El 2/10/22 a las 18:01, Benoit Minisini escribió:
> I don't know, I didn't write the debian package generator.
> What does this constant mean?

I'm not completely sure, but I think that constant indicates the 
compatibility of the package with respect to older versions of the 
debhelper debian package, but it affects all debian-derived distributions.
as debhelper changes this (the compatibility) every two years I think 
the package maker changes the constant, by hand, in the gambas source 
code every time it is necessary and now (debian version 9 is obsolete) 
but maybe it would be better that the parameter is adjusted according to 
the system or that it allows to modify it in the package generator 
configuration if it has it.
I wrote this email because someone in gambas-es forum had this problem 
with some warnings, but I use Manjaro so I can't do a test.
I think that changing the parameter from 9 to 10 manually would solve 
the problem, at least for a couple of years.


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