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Wed Nov 30 09:04:27 CET 2022

Maybe I'm overthinking this or maybe my brain is just not as sharp as it 
used to be.

Short explanation: I think I need to group optional arguments something 
along the lines of :

Sub XYZ ( arg1 As String, Optional ( arg2 As Boolean, arg3 As Integer = 
0), Optional ( arg4 As Date = Null, arg5 as Integer = -Inf ) )

The illogical thinking is that calls to the method

  * must have arg1 provided and
  * either
      o arg2 and possibly arg3
  * or
      o possibly arg4 and possibly arg5

The example is simpified, btw. 😁

Is there a way to do this?

Long explanation: We have a hierarchical set of classes, where for 
example, Region contains a collection of Variety which contains a 
collection of Vintage. Also we have a set of little projects that let us 
edit the static data for each of these classes. I want to be able to 
invoke the editors from within each. So if I am running EditRegion I can 
invoke EditVariety via a button in the EditRegion form. Alternatively, 
for example, if I am running EditVintage I want a button to invoke 
EditVariety and therein is the situation where I (think that I) need 
this grouped optional arguments thing.

EditVariety.Run() "needs" to take two different sets of arguments 
depending on whether I am coming "down" from EditRegion or "up" from 
EditVintage. On the "down" pathway it needs to show a list of the 
varieties produced for that region i.e. in EditRegion I want to call it 

   Shell "editvariety " & subst("-r &1", thisregionid)
   i.e. the command is "editvariety -r Langhorne"

but on the way "up" I want to call it with

   Shell "editvariety " & subst("-r &1  -v &2  -y  &2" , thisregionid, thisvarietyid, thisvarietyyear )
   i.e, the command is "editvariety -r Langhorne -v Shiraz -y 2018"

All straightforward so far, but...

I also want, for example, on the way up or down to get all the varietals 
for that region, so

   Shell "editvariety " & subst ( "-r &1 -y &2", thisregionid, thisvarietyyear )
   ie the command is "editvariety -r Langhorne -y 2018"

Believe it or not, that was simplified just to be able to explain it. 
The true situation is horribly more complex involving a lot more 
arguments and argument "sets". I am currently doing this with a complete 
mash of nested and un-nested if statements in each of the "calling" 
editors. Result, spaghetti code and maintenance hell. Probably bad 
design but its what we've got.

I have tried changing the editvariety's Run() to  a variadic (is that 
the word?) method i.e. Run ( region as string, ... ) but that just 
replicated all the spaghetti in the calling programs into the 
editvariety program. Gaargh!

I have also tried using -Inf as the default values for some of the 
optional arguments 😂😂😂😭 but they tend to slip through into "somewhat 
complex" logical operations, some of which involve "arithmetic", and 
*that* has been well and truly squashed by those with more intelligence 
than I.


bruce (currently located in the kingdom of Confusion in the Citadel of 
Toxic Options)

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