[Gambas-user] Infinities and division

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Wed Nov 30 01:11:34 CET 2022

On 30/11/22 9:59 am, Jussi Lahtinen wrote:
>     No, I think we do need some arithmetics:
> All this is just going to bite your ass sooner or later. As shown 
> earlier, it yields the result 1 = 2.
> Also, adding to the confusion list; what would be Inf * 0 ? There just 
> aren't logical answers when you treat infinity as a number. It's 
> simply wrong. Illogical.

Ah, I was talking about arithmetic using the constants not arithmetic on 
"actual infinities". In fact I am quite happy, mathematically, that 
Infinity / 1 does equal Infinity / 2 does equal Infinity / X (For X in 
R) but doesn't equal Infinity / Infinity.

But +Inf / 2 is a completely different thing. A "very large (real) 
number" / 2 does equal a "very large (real) number" or does it?  Is the

  f(x)=Limit(x=1 -> +Inf) x / y

,where y is any fixed real number, computable?

>     ... why btw does Tan(Rad(90)) return 1.63312393531954E+16 ?
> That is just the notification, where XE+Y = X * 10^Y.
IMO it should return NaN but I guess it's because there is a real number 
returned by Rad(90) and therefore a real result to the Tan() function. 
In fact it looks like there is no way to get a Tan("90 degrees") as all 
the means of getting the radians involve real number calculations. OK we 
can forget about this one.

I am satisfied with Benoit's answer to this (satisfied but not happy😷 
as I now "have to" read another damn IEEE doc)


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