[Gambas-user] Infinities and division

Jussi Lahtinen jussi.lahtinen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 23:31:02 CET 2022

> Mathematically, from the "Infinite Hotel" story,
>      infinity <> infinity.

No, in Hilbert's hotel there is only one sized infinity (countably infinite
set, example natural numbers and integers).
It just demonstrates the counterintuitive property of it.  However there
are different sizes of infinity, for example the set of real numbers is
uncountably infinite. IE set of integers and set of real numbers are
different in size, but set of integers and set of natural numbers are the
same size.

But, in Gambas
>      +Inf = +Inf
> should be true as +Inf is not really "infinity", It's a constant
> representing "a very big number". Otherwise, the constant is generally
> useless.

Yes, that is true as it is the same constant in both sides of the equation.
However that does not correspond to the mathematical concept (it's not a
number) of infinity.
And it should not be used in arithmetics, only for some conditionals if at

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