[Gambas-user] gambas Disk Management

Fabien Bodard gambas.fr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 16:09:52 CET 2022


This is a started component for enable the disk management in gui with
gambas. It is based on dbus Udisk2

I'v trying to put as less as possible properties. Just the ones useful
for a file manager.

There is 3 events

DeviceAdded(Block as string) when a new diskBlock is added
DeviceRemoved(Block as String) When as DiskBlock is removed
DeviceMounted(Block as string) When a FileSytem is Mounted

Can someones try on their computer to see if all goes well.

Have try with different media

It's an early alpha code so please tell me about properties name and
event name if something sound wrong.

Fabien Bodard
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