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Le ven. 25 nov. 2022 à 09:56, KKing <kicking177 at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hi,
> > I've just signed this:
> >
> > https://fsfe.org/activities/upcyclingandroid/openletter.html
> >
> > Maybe it's interesting for you too.
> >
> > Alles Gute
> >
> > Christof Thalhofer
> I've not signed this.
> While I applaud the concept and intention, I see issues with the first
> and possibly last goals, in particular with the wording of the last
> sentence in the first.
> As someone who has worked for companies whose existence depends on
> devices they have designed and support, an inkling of the costs involved
> in the creation and making of the devices I see issues with trying to
> make it fit an open source model. If a hardware maker has to design,
> manufacture and support a device to run ... anything ... it will not be
> viable.
> K.
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But the headlong rush is not viable either. It must be recognized that
forcing obsolescence for lack of openness to the technical data of a
device of na goes in the direction of good ecological thinking.

Manufacturers, if they do not want to open their equipment, must in
return ensure repairability over the long term and also the related
online services... which is not the case because it is not viable
(maintaining a service for three or four people...)

So that's why I say that both models are not viable in the long term.
Except that open source relies on free resources for a good

There would be a market for the repair and recommissioning of devices
that can still perform their true task. You have to realize that today
most of us use supercomputers from the 90s... To play!

A second generation iphone is more than enough to run games whose
gameplay hasn't changed since the 90s. Today we use advertising to
sell what people don't need. Too much power... too much capacity...
too much power consumption.

I understand that all this consumption is also what has allowed the
equipment to evolve. But I know the story...many of the novelties
distilled year after year, half model by half model are sometimes ten
years old. To keep a reason to sell it and make the customer consume
it. Why not an economic model or a new model arrives every 5 years ...
being really revolutionary but expensive and allowing the repair and
recycling of old models. The economic world has nothing to do with us
or the planet, only the numbers count... I am for the numbers, for
success, but there are several ways to achieve this.

I hope google have not mess too many my message :-D

Fabien Bodard

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