[Gambas-user] COBOL and how great it was!

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 14:28:56 CET 2022

On 24/11/22 9:46 pm, Fabien Bodard wrote
>     Dim sPatternTitle As String = "$$L3!!$$AC,L10!!&1$$L5,AC!!$$L15,AC,D3!!&2$$L5!!$$L8,AC!!&3"
>    Dim sFilledPattern As String ="$$L3!!$$AC,L10,F-!!$$L5,AC!!|$$L15,F-!!$$L5!!$$L8,F-!!"
>    Dim sPattern As String ="$$L3!!->$$AC,L10!!&1$$L5,AC!!|$$L15,AL!!&2$$L5,AC!!|$$L8,AF,D3!!&3"

I tried sending that as a MIDI stream to my Yamaha. Half its' keys fell 
off and then it wrenched the comms cord out and strangled itself before 
I could intervene. 🙁

Did you know, by the way, that the reason Mozart died as a pauper was 
that all the concertos were his submissions to the [X] corporation as 
advertising jingles. Unfortunately television hadn't been invented yet.

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