[Gambas-user] How to survey?

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 00:09:58 CET 2022

On 11/20/22 17:42, Martín Belmonte wrote:
> If you have *OpenSuse* please try the *simple-mtpfs* program and if you can send the output of the program detailing the 
> operating system and the program used.
> I will try on manjaro (*arch*) and see what happens with the *mtpfs* program.
> The code that reads the output is the following (for now).

Although `simple-mtpfs` is available in the openSUSE main repository, it is not installed (by default). Are you intending to 
rely on commands that my not be available?

If you really need the device info, be aware that udev already has a comprehensive hardware database which, BTW, `lsusb` 
queries. The database itself is located at '/usr/lib/udev/hwdb.d/'. And, the device info the system has collected from that 
database about current local devices can be found at '/run/udev/data/'. Specifically, look at the "+usb*" files.

Just for fun, I coded up a command-line app that queries `lsusb` for attached devices then determines the relevant "+usb" file 
and prints out its contents. It seems to work quite easily.


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