[Gambas-user] MenuButton quirk, event inside event(gtk)

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Mon Nov 21 15:52:33 CET 2022

Il 21/11/22 14:30, Bruce Steers ha scritto:
> I found it worked really well apart from one problem with a gtk MenuButton.
> If i called Message() from within a MenuButton Click() event i got 
> various issues like the message window buttons needed clicking twice as 
> the menubutton seemed to still have the mouse grabbed. on some programs 
> pressing a Message button would pop open the message window again, 
> sometimes with double the buttons?  many odd quirks.
> ...
> I've attached the test project that can be run that has 2 menubuttons, 
> one original one modified to see the difference when clicking.

In Ubuntu 20.04 I get the malfunction as you described, but only if the 
IDE uses gtk.
If the IDE uda QT5 even if the project uses gtk3 (gb.gui) then the 
operation is the same.

I hope I have explained myself



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