[Gambas-user] How to survey?

Martín Belmonte mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun Nov 20 17:48:49 CET 2022

El 20/11/22 a las 17:39, Jussi Lahtinen escribió:
> Sorry, but this cannot be the right way to do it.
> I would guess you can parse the needed info from some lsusb output or 
> the needed data is already collected.
> You are not the first one dealing with the issue.
> If nothing else, I would just look for the DCIM directory in a general 
> way.
Actually the problem is solved in the software by asking to the user buy 
this "solve" only is for this user, so i intent to made a way to inform 
about devises to create a database more useful that available in USB.ids.

Over the time the program no ask to the user only connect and enjoy. 
That is the idea.

Yes, the problem is always the same, but I try to delimit it down ergo, 
reduce it.

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