[Gambas-user] How to survey?

Martín Belmonte mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun Nov 20 15:21:27 CET 2022

Hello friends.

For my photo organizer program I would like to add a list of devices so 
that the program recognizes, when connecting a USB device, if it is a 
phone or a camera as the location of the DCIM directory will depend on it.

I tried to do a poll on several places like Doddle.com but it only 
allows voting options.

Is there a website that allows to paste data anonymously?
This text can be a text string created for this purpose with a button in 
the program gambas something like:

vendor_id, vendor, model_id, model, type (phone, camera).

It seems to me that, if we come up with such a tool, it would allow us 
to keep updated statistics on which Linux distribution is being used in 
general, which version of gambas, etc. Data that would allow those who 
want to distribute software to know in advance what kind of packages to 
create or what components to avoid, for example in case the vast 
majority use gambas 3.15.2 to avoid using the Splitter control.

I also made a pastebin to show sample data:




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