[Gambas-user] COBOL and how great it was!

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 13:18:59 CET 2022

In the "old days" when I and you all wrote COBOL

there was a way to specify a thingo called, i think, a report line. It 
looked something like

88 something or other

Mneh, it doesnt matter.  the point is . I  am getting there ...

Print, sprintf etc etc etc are really (he said) remnants of the 1970's 
or perhaps even earlier. Now, I want to disregard the eminently 
beautiful gb.report components here BUT

surely in this day and age it is possible to come up with "something"  
that would allow use to "Print" a set of stuff to stdout (or wherever).

Maybe this damn project IS sending me insane(r).


anyone, surely you have used COBOL?\


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