[Gambas-user] Starting a new process - but not as a child

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 12:58:55 CET 2022

On 18/11/22 10:09 pm, Karl Reinl wrote
> Salut,
> look with your browser  'linux check if a xml is valid' ,
> choose one of the found way to make the triage.
> Copy all xml to a start folder and let the engine make the Cinderella
> job.

Salute Charlie!

Basically that's what I m doing (with a few tweaks). Thanks to Gian I am 
now sending the garbage back to them.

Damn the magic, let them sort this ordure out.

I should have quoted about $2M USD per hour for this job, but my rotten 
lousy friend (now degraded to "acquaintance") fooled me into it.


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