[Gambas-user] Starting a new process - but not as a child

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Fri Nov 18 09:50:22 CET 2022

This one has got me beat.

In a non-gui project: (let's call it the "megaparser")

     I'm processing a large bunch of text files, during which a status 
is decided on each ones fundamental validity.

     If it looks OK then I want to start a new program/project (the 
"fileparser") that has a GUI that I want to, *at MY leisure*, look at 
how it is going and what to do about it.

     So far so fine, the megaparser shells the fileparser quite nicely 
without a wait, so I get what I expected - a gazillion forms each 
displaying the progress and any problems it's having. Fine.

So, here's my problem...

When the megaparser has finished it wants to exit, but there are all 
these child processes running and I want them to keep going.


I'll try again. I have about 30,000 text (actually ahem "xml") files 
that I need to firstly check that each one looks "reasonable" and if so 
start a processing job for that file. No, thats still not clear. The 
megaparser looks at each of the files and determines if it is valid xml 
if so then it starts a new process to parse that file and update the 
database. That new job needs to be *async**hronous* as the megaparser 
continues on and creates more and more parser jobs, no problem yet. 
*BUT* if the meagaparser fails and crashes as it is frequently doing 
(which is not a Gambas issue, it's normally a result of the rotten XML 
file being totally or partially unreadable) the megaparser crashes and I 
lose all the spawned jobs.

I have been going through this repetitive joke for 8 days now so I am 
screaming for help.

*Is there any way to spawn a new process that is **_not_**a child of the 
running gambas process?*

Going slightly bonkers here

bruxe, or brice or wahayetever my name is.


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