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Personally, I don't care if it is stored internally as the number of 
beans in two small pots in a grass hut on the Plains of Zebulon on a 
planet somewhere near Betelgeuse.

On 947265.277254, Jussi Lahtinen and others wrote:
> A lot of stuff that is generally getting us nowhere.

My only issue is that when the keeper of the grass hut tells me the 
datetime he demands to know the current timezone on my laptop and does 
some magic incantations that changes his response accordingly. What he 
doesn't do is figure out what the current**time *frame* of the program I 
am running at the exact moment I ask. For example, I am currently in a 
timezone (if being "in" a timezone is possible) of ACDT (otherwise 
"Adelaide summer time") and a time*frame* of "Australia/Adelaide". See 
the difference.

Getting back to lunch, if there are 2492170 and 8333333 beans in the 
pots respectively, then he should work out that 2492170/0833333 is not a 
"summer time" in "Australia/Adelaide" and respond "oh that is 12:30 on 
the 1st May, 2023 *ACST*". It's why many other programs eschew returning 
the timeframe in formatted displays of "moments".

I have found a promising R library that might have routines suitable for 
converting timeframes to timezones for a "moment", but I haven't been 
able to obtain the source code at the moment.



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