[Gambas-user] CDate Documentation

Jussi Lahtinen jussi.lahtinen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 17:56:02 CET 2022

> ... I'm relatively confident that the way strings and dates work in Gambas
> is perfectly useful and valid.

Does the character set spontaneously change twice a year? No, thus Gambas
strings *are* useful.
Not sure about the date datatype, but maybe it is good enough for most
people. However, I think the situation could be improved.
Read what Tobias wrote. He gets the problem and his solution is good (new
datatype for calendar dates).

I'm not arguing with you. I'm just trying to explain you how it
> *actually* works, because you seems to not get it and try to twist the
> Date datatype in a way that can't work.

You are arguing with me. I know how they work and I'm trying to tell you
about the limitations of the design. Instead of listening you claim I don't
understand how they work.
Your argument against timezoneless date is that they are not usable when
sent over the internet, which is not a valid argument as explained already.

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