[Gambas-user] Two bugs on gb.web.gui

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 19:30:55 CET 2022

On Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 15:54, Marco Ancillotti <gambas at servinfo.it> wrote:

> Il 14/11/22 16:49, Bruce Steers ha scritto:
> > ...
> I also found a workaround, if I insert a message.info when changing the
> tab everything works magically, in my opinion, however, the bug remains.

If it is a bug? , it could be a limitation.
As much as gb.web.gui tries to mimic gb.gui it's not the same and
restricted in some ways.

I do not know why but moving setting the combo from the Open() event and
into a timer started in Open() seems to fix everything.

I tried all manner of different ways to get it all to work in the Open()
event but all failed in various ways, mostly the tab view would not update
as you say when changing.

The difference with my workaround is the WebTimer happens client-side after
the code is sent not server-side. I don't understand the exact reason it
makes it work but it does. (plus i think more reasonable than calling

I have had a few previous issues with gambas that the problem turned out to
be "You should not do that inside an event handler". The answer was to use
a timer as I have here instead thus freeing the event handler.  That was
why i thought of it as a solution to this problem and it worked :)

I noticed things like using WebForm_Event() in the main form triggers okay.
in the form opened by the main form it does not.
There seems to be a few differences with a main window and a sub window in
Perhaps there is a big difference that causes limitations?

Or it's just a bug? ;)

Benoit of course is the best qualified to know the difference here i think,
I'm just good at workarounds :)

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