[Gambas-user] Two bugs on gb.web.gui

Marco Ancillotti gambas at servinfo.it
Mon Nov 14 11:41:31 CET 2022

HI all ,

I think I found two bug on gb.web.gui .

I've create a simple web page with a webtabpanel and a webcombobox 
linked by code:

/Public Sub cbox_Click()//
//  tab.index = cbox.Index//

So when combobox change tabpanel change as well.
Now on webform_open I have a /

/tab.index = 2
cbox.index = 2/

And everythink work as expected...
BUT if I put before the index change a simple webtextbox.text = 
"somethink" ti completely hangs.


if I call the same webform from another as form.showmodal() the tabbox 
don't refresh the tab selected if I change it
on form opening.

I attach an example of bugs.

gambas is latest daily trunk from ubuntu ppa.

Thank's in advance ,

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