[Gambas-user] WebPage and external files

Hans Lehmann hans at gambas-buch.de
Sun Nov 13 14:15:17 CET 2022


For the Gambas book on gambas-buch.de I would like to provide some 
simple web projects based on the class `WebPage`.
For this I want to use the internal HTTP server - either in the IDE or 
in the console (**) with

Console:    hans at pc-mint20:~/CGI/wp_example1$ GB_HTTPD_PORT=8080 gbx3 -H
URL:        http://localhost:8080/

Reason: Not everyone wants to install and configure an HTTP server like 
Lighttpd or Apache2 for first tests.

For CSS I use Inline-CSS and for JavaSript Inline-JS, but this makes the 
source code difficult to read.

However, I am unable to integrate multimedia objects such as images, 
favicons, audio files or video files.

When using the internal HTTP server in the IDE or via the console as in 
(**), is it possible to include the content of external files (CSS, 
JavaScript, multimedia objects)? If `Yes`, then I would like to know how 
this can be realised.

With kind regards


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