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Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Sat Nov 12 10:17:23 CET 2022

Le 11/11/2022 à 18:29, Claus Dietrich a écrit :
> Hi Benoít
>  From my humble point of view the documentation of CDate on 
> http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/lang/cdate has a few issues:
> 1. CDate converts the date to UTC, when the argument contains a date and 
> time component. This fact is not mentioned.

No. CDate() does not "convert a date to UTC". It converts a string 
representation of a date that is assumed to be in UTC into a date value.

> 2. The UTC-Offset is always the current UTC-Offset - even if the offset 
> at given date/point of time is supposed to be different.
> Example for the time zone Berlin/Germany:
> Print CDate("11/11/2022 13:00:00")     -> 11.11.2022 14:00:00
> Print CDate("08/11/2022 13:00:00")     -> 11.08.2022 14:00:00 (should 
> actually be 15:00:00)
> I don't regard this as a bug, but it is important to know. An according 
> information would be helpful.

Indeed. I don't know if there is some code somewhere in the OS that can 
take into account every time zone change at any time in any country. I 
don't think so!

> 3. The provided example may mislead the reader, because it doesn't show 
> any UTC-offset.

Yes. It's because the playground uses 'en_GB.UTF-8' localization.
> 4. There is only an indirect mentioning about the mandatory format of 
> the date component, which must be the US-format mm/dd/yyyy. I suggest to 
> provide an according information.


> 5. The example should have provided a day > 12 to indicate where the day 
> has to be placed.

Maybe. If 4) is fixed, it should be enough.

> 6. The "run" example is irritating, because in my case it shows a 
> different result - dd/mm/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy. The reason may be 
> found in the following point.
> 7. The result of Print CDate(..) depends on the locale of the platform. 
> Hence the result of Print CDate on the GambasWiki depends on the time 
> zone and locale of the server platform. That means, that visitors may 
> get a different result on their local platform - because of a different 
> time zone and locale.

Yes. This must be explained clearly too, which timezone is used by the 
playground server.

> I suggest an according revision of that wiki page.

If you can do that, you are welcome!

Best regards,

Benoît Minisini.

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