[Gambas-user] Beta testing - Photo organizer.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Tue Nov 8 19:09:02 CET 2022

El 8/11/22 a las 17:13, gian via User escribió:
> I installed libexif-dev
> I connected my phone with the USB cable to transfer the photos
> in pictures I created two folders (organizer and organizer2) to tell the 
> program where to download.
> i downloaded photo-organizer-main version 0.0.6
> on startup it gives me division by zero error on line 109 of FMain 
> (iRemaining = (Config.PicturesQty) / Config.PicturesRatio)

Hello Gianluigi.

You haven't done anything wrong I guess.
Maybe the errors are because I added a method of scanning photos from 
the existing photo directory and that division by zero error is from 
that change, I will correct it and upload the new version.
I am also in the process of adding support for a sqlite database.
The intention is to have everything tidy and allow more refined searches.

The installation of the libexif-dev library is correct.

Attention: Please work with a copy of the photos from the phone or 
camera, it's a TESTING program and there can be errors.

Thanks for the feedback.


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