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Marco Ancillotti gambas at servinfo.it
Tue Nov 8 18:03:14 CET 2022

Il 07/11/22 17:51, Marco Ancillotti ha scritto:

Thank's to all for the answers !

* For the first question if I understand well I have to:

- Put a button and set it immediate = true
- Convert my:

/<form action=//"http://miohost/xxx/yyy.cgi"//method="GET"><input 
type="hidden" name="user" value="pippo"> //
//<input type="hidden" name="pass" value="pluto"><button type="submit" 
formtarget="_blank"/>Open in new tab</button></form>/

/to Javascript./

- Create a button _click event where i run webform.exec(<javascript code 
as string>)

is it right ?

* For the Second question I can adapt my code to use 
WebTabPanel.Remove(Index As Integer) ,
so I'm ok with that.

* Another little question , how can I open a form on a new tab ?
   I can have the need to use somethink like:

/public sub button_click()//
//     dim pluto as new myformxxx//
//     pluto.data1 = "blabla"//
//     pluto.data2 = "popipopi"//
//     pluto.show() '<- in a new tab//
//  end/

   and open multiple form on multiple tab with different data.

is it possible ?

Thank's a lot , I've moved a lot of little programs to web and they work 
really well.

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