[Gambas-user] Automatic Startup

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Tue Nov 8 15:07:24 CET 2022

El 7/11/22 a las 17:29, gian via User escribió:
> I tried to package the project by changing sApplicationPath and it works 
> great.
> Instead, the code you propose for figuring out if you are in the IDE I 
> don't implement it.
> If Tobias tells me it is not done it is dogma to me.

> I hope you don't mind that I added you in the authors.
> I explained in the help the difference between starting from IDE and 
> packaging.
> I also uncovered a bug in FAlarm that I fixed.
> Tomorrow I get my second buster plus flu shot, If you don't hear back, 
> it's not out of discourtesy.

I'm glad it works with the path change.
About the method to know if it runs in the IDE or not, why is it not 
done, what is the reason?
Regarding being on the authors list, it is not necessary, but thanks for 
the courtesy, you are very kind.
I am interested in the method to make something autostart from gambas, 
since I have a program called Giskard which is to mount network 
directories using sshfs but to make it start you just have to add it by 
hand in "autostart".
I hope all goes well with the vaccines.
Best regards.

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