[Gambas-user] webform questions.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 19:45:56 CET 2022

On Mon, 7 Nov 2022 at 16:57, Marco Ancillotti <gambas at servinfo.it> wrote:

> Hi all ,
> i'm rewriting some tools from gambas desktop (kde) to gambas webform.
> I've made 99% of work but I can't find a way to make two things:
> I can do it on gambas/kde but I don't find
>      a way to do it in the webtabpanel.

to be honest you just can't compare gb.gui with gb.web.gui.

the gambas gb.gui (kde) uses quite advanced and configurable toolkits on
the linux platforms to make GUIs

gb.web.gui is having to do what it can with available HTML/Javascript/css
code because it is not your gui toolkits doing things but just your web
browser. So it is no way near as advanced or comparable to the gui toolkits.

also it is not hugely used so it's a little under-developed, the
WebTabPanel for example i would think could do with being able to
enable/disable tabs and set tab text without having to cycle through the
indexes. but I guess there's never been any call for it.

So i'm just saying you cannot compare gb.web.gui to gb.gui, they are very
different and you will find gb.web.gui quite limited in some places when it
comes to converting complex gb.gui projects and you may need to find some
workarounds to fit the html limitations.

But as i just showed you with the WebTabPanel2.class it's pretty easy to
modify components to suit your more complex needs.

But now don't let that stop you coming here to the mailing list and saying
things like "hey, gb.web.gui needs to do this.." !
A suggestion for improvement is always a suggestion worth making  :)

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