[Gambas-user] Automatic Startup

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Sun Nov 6 23:29:20 CET 2022

Il 06/11/22 21:34, Martin ha scritto:
> Finally, all the data of the process.
> https://imgur.com/16NSW9Y
> 1) On a system with Gambas3 IDE (3.17.3) package the program.
> 2) Then copy the program to a system without Gambas3 nothing at all, no 
> IDE no runtime nothing.
> 3) Install the package and asked for the dependencies, install them and 
> everything is working the first time.
> Detail of the output in the terminal see attachment.
> Regards.
> Martin.

Hi Martin,

I thank you very much for your many tests.
You make me feel like a jerk since I have not tested your organizer yet.
Unfortunately, yours can't be the solution because that way it doesn't 
work if you have the IDE installed.
And it is not possible to know beforehand for sure whether you start 
from the IDE or from the packages, Tobias had demonstrated that in a 
discussion that I can't find anymore :-(

I will try to reciprocate, but now I am tired and going to sleep.



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