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Sun Nov 6 04:17:19 CET 2022

On Sat, 5 Nov 2022 at 22:38, gian via User <user at lists.gambas-basic.org>

> Hi Lee,
> Il 05/11/22 18:39, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
> > Gianluigi, I downloaded your app from the Farm and took a quick look at
> > MMain.
> >
> > I have to assume that your wife has her own computer. But, I am unsure
> > of that as I do not recall you mentioning how you transferred your
> > program to her desktop. Anyway...
> yes my wife has her own desktop pc with Linux Ubuntu, she has for
> convenience Gambas IDE so for the programs she asks me I install an
> executable for her, but also a work in progress and I do it faster.
> This time I felt like trying to create everything from code and indeed
> the clock installed from his IDE works fine.
> At this point I wondered, what if I wanted to distribute it with packages?
> I realized that I didn't actually know many things:
> For example, Benoit told me that the runtime is enough to run an
> executable, I didn't know that, I thought you need to have the IDE.
> And other things I still don't know, as you might have guessed from the
> questions I asked.
> Now I understand why Bruce is fascinated by scripts (which work even
> without the IDE).

scripts are awesome :)

> > I do not understand why you are doing this:
> > Shell "cd " & Application.Path & " && gbc3 -agt && gba3 -v -o " &/ sPath
> > &/ Application.Name & ".gambas" Wait
> With the above in mind, the idea was to create the executable with the
> collected data (font and location) to start it with a launcher and a
> symlink in autostart.

I do not think you can symlink a gambas application directly in autostart,
i think it needs to be just .desktop [Desktop Entry] files in there.
The same file as that script i posted makes on the Desktop , you could
modify that script to save the file in autostart not on the Desktop  (you
may want the delay options)

To be honest i have veered away from all the packager stuff and dealt with
things myself.

The script i posted will compile a downloaded project source, i think
negating the need for any official install.
all that script needs is to make another .desktop file in
$HOME/.local/share/applications to add it to the system menu as well. but
it needs to handle the menu categories well like gambas does.

and maybe an option to copy the exe to /usr/bin or somewhere if you don't
want to just use it from within the project folder.

I also made an updater class that i've added to some of my apps that checks
version to an online source and downloads/compiles/overwrites old version,
either a whole project folder or just a standalone exe. further negating
the need for a packager. nor any more compilations from the user, they can
just click "Update" and it's automatically done.

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