[Gambas-user] Automatic Startup

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Sat Nov 5 18:08:26 CET 2022

Il 05/11/22 16:55, Martin ha scritto:
> Hi GIanluigi.
> I create the package in Manjaro 21 XFCE then I install it.
> The menu entry was created well.
> At the first run appear the info dialog box to select the font then the 
> clock not appear.
> At the seccond try it run fine, the clock works properly.
> https://imgur.com/SYY6dvo
> In my system, that I mention before, Manjaro XFCE, is possible add a 
> start-up entry to run the program when the user login to the desktop.
> https://imgur.com/SaE4Xum
> Regards.
> Martin.

Hi Martin,

if I am not mistaken about the analysis I did earlier, your clock should 
no longer work tomorrow.

I am sorry :-(

As I wrote in the help the program (as is) works only if the IDE is 

I thank you very much for the test :-)



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