[Gambas-user] Automatic Startup

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Fri Nov 4 23:29:24 CET 2022

Il 04/11/22 19:20, Brian G ha scritto:
> Sorry but why not just use a gambas script!
> Develop the project using the ide, and then just use the scripter(gbs3) 
> to create a script that can be run directly without all the fooling 
> around....?
> Just a thought
> gbs3 -convert-project "path to project directory" "path to directory to 
> store the script"
> example
> gbs3 --convert-project "~/myclock" "~/bin"
> This created a gambas script called myclock.gbs in the ~/bin directory
> so if ~/bin is in your path then run from prompt
> $ myclock.gbs &
> Or for example on mint use the startup app entry on the control panel.

Hi Brian,

I thank you, I get your email only now and I am not sure I understand 
what you are suggesting.
I am going to sleep now, tomorrow night (Saturday is busy) with a 
fresher mind I hope to understand.

Good night


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