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Fri Nov 4 19:20:22 CET 2022

Sorry but why not just use a gambas script! 

Develop the project using the ide, and then just use the scripter(gbs3) to create a script that can be run directly without all the fooling around....? 

Just a thought 

gbs3 -convert-project "path to project directory" "path to directory to store the script" 

gbs3 --convert-project "~/myclock" "~/bin" 

This created a gambas script called myclock.gbs in the ~/bin directory 

so if ~/bin is in your path then run from prompt 

$ myclock.gbs & 

Or for example on mint use the startup app entry on the control panel. 

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each mistake teaches us something" .. Morihei Ueshiba 
Brian G 

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Hi Benoit, Bruce, Lee, 

thank you very much for the help :-) 

Il 04/11/22 11:12, Benoit Minisini ha scritto: 
> I don't understand: you never need the IDE to run a Gambas executable. 
> You just need the runtime. 

then the error is either in my code or in the way I create the package. 

If it is in the code, it is probably in this step: 
Shell "cd " & Application.Path & " && gbc3 -agt && gba3 -v -o " &/ sPath 
&/ Application.Name & ".gambas" Wait 
I think it's possible that the compiler doesn't know Application.Path, 
something about that I had read. 

If it is in the way I create the package it is probably always because 
of gbc3 and gba3 you need to indicate something to the compiler. 

Does the exe get created in the correct place? sPath (where is sPath?) 

Does running application exe from a terminal give any error msg to see what's wrong? 
Does the application have options "controls are public" or "module symbols are public" set? 

Just somethings to consider. 

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