[Gambas-user] Beta testing - Photo organizer.

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 02:39:12 CET 2022

On 3/11/22 11:49 am, T Lee Davidson wrote:
> On 11/2/22 19:14, BB wrote:
>> So, create a link like the /usr/lib64/libexif.so.12 one.
>> cd /usr/lib64
>> ln -s libexif.so.12.3.4 libexif.so
>> b
> Yes, a user could do that. But, should a user be expected to modify 
> his system to accommodate an application? Or, should it be the other 
> way around?
Well, the problem is not the user or the distro (per se), its the people 
who package the libraries for the distro who wont conform to a 
"standard" set of links.

Many years ago on another distro I had to create dozens of these links 
to get many things to compile and link, including gambas.

But you're right. It shouldn't be the users job, the program should find 
any library it requires as long as it is installed.


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