[Gambas-user] Combobox, New Feature cbo.ListWidth ? cbo.ListHeight?

ub2 at gmx.ch ub2 at gmx.ch
Mon May 30 08:06:47 CEST 2022

Good Morning Benoit

As netiquette requests the respond straight after your question.

Thanks for Gambas (and your patience with novices !)

Wish you a good start into new week.


Am 28.05.22 um 16:54 schrieb Benoit Minisini:
>> @Benoit:
>> I believe an additional combobox property would be great.
>> Lets say .ListWidth with Values 0...1023 where 0 means AutoAdjust ?
>> Or something similar ... ? You know better.
> Now that ComboBox popup behaves like the old one, what's the point of 
> such a property?
- So first of all: Currently all my ComboBoxes still show new behaviour 
(listwidth=combobox.w). I have to find a workaround for the 
"myComboBox._Focus is not property" Error first.
(Peanuts for you, a trial an error* headache for a novice like me.
*The sequence order of events when clicking on control)

- 2nd: Standard Combobox does not match all my requirements.
Some of them I need with adjusted list width (some even > Form.W !),
some of them not (listwidth=combobox.width).
So I'll end up with at least two kinds of Comboboxes looking slightly 
different. User will be confused.

- 3d: I need to replace plenty of "approved" Controls and code (getting 
back old errors). User will be confused again.

- Having above property (combobox.listwidth or sth similar. I'm sure 
You'll find best solution) would reduce needless discussions about the 
"right use" or "wrong behaviour" of Comboboxes (mimic as you called it).

- Somme of my own novice survival rules:
-- The more I code myself, the more errors I'll get.
-- Minimize workarounds as they most likely won't do with: other 
components? next releases ? wayland? ...?

- For somewhere in the "near future" I'm even looking for comboboxes 
adjustable to be "touch screen fat finger tip height compatible".
So probably sth like:
If Mouse then
	Combobox."listheight" = ...small Mouse pointer height..
else if Touchscreen then
	Combobox."listheight" = ...fat finger height...
	FM = "Error@" & System.Backtrace[0] & ", Unknown pointing dev !"

But again. (Even tough) I'm very happy with Gambas. Thanks a lot !
If you believe my "request" is no appropriate, refuse it. My problem.
I'll then have to dig deeper and probably find a better control-type, 
... or keep on fiddling with cbo workarounds of workarounds.

Regards ub2
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