[Gambas-user] Wiki on compressed attachments for GMail

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Sat May 28 15:13:04 CEST 2022

That is, trick for attaching compressed files to Gambas mailing list 
emails that fool GMail filters, could anyone native English speaker 
please add to Gambas wiki something similar?
As many of you may know GMail prevents sending and receiving e-mails 
with compressed attachments.
For this reason there is a method in the Gambas IDE to attach compressed 
source packages in text (txt) format.
When we want to create the package like this so as to fool GMail's 
filters, we create the package as usual Project > Create > Source 
Package... only before we click on the OK button, we will have the 
foresight to check the checkbox 'Transform into a ".gmail.txt" archive 
th<at fools GMail'.
At this point we can attach the file with confidence knowing that our 
email will be delivered.

But how do we display such a transformed file in our IDE.

We simply use the Select a Project > Open tab window that we get from 
the menu or the Open Project button (File > Open Project...).
Both compressed files and text files appear on the left side of the window.
To open a text file just right-click on it and choose Unzip the file, 
this operation must be repeated twice: the first turns the text archive 
into a compressed file, the second unzips it so it can be opened in the IDE.

The same method although a bit more complex when we encounter one of 
these files attached in the ML archives.
Let's take a practical example; with this email I attached a text archive:
The archive starts with <salt and ends with salt>, it is necessary to 
select it all including tags, copy and paste it with the help of an 
editor in a text file that we are going to save naming it in this way: 
we unlike normal compressed files that show data do not know what the 
file is called, but this does not matter we can name it as we like the 
important thing is the extensions, otherwise Gambas does not recognize it.
In this case we can give it the name of the email title Persistent, but 
also 'foo' (remember that Gambas does not accept certain characters and 
spaces) the important thing is that it is followed by .tar.gz.gmail.txt
Then you can navigate from the IDE to this file and unzip it twice as usual.

Thanks and Regards

PS Va bene anche se lo correggete in un buon inglese, poi ci penso io a 
trsformarlo in wiki

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