[Gambas-user] My gambas updater has some updates

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed May 11 18:00:48 CEST 2022

Hi all.
I've added some things to my gambas updater (the more advanced one not the
simple one)

Changes are as follows...
gitlabs gambas forks page is read and the forks from there are listed and
selectable as your base.

Component chooser.
New and experimental. it lists all components that can be disabled in
de-selecting components will add the --disable-componentname arg to
./configure command and temporarily rename the corresponding folder
(prefixes a -) to omit it from compiling. (folder names are restored after

the quickest way (i can think of) to quick compile. 1st it does a full
compile/install of the "main" folder to install main gambas binaries with
correct version info. Then is just runs make install on the rest.

Added some args (i've used some of them as .desktop icon actions so i can
launch in different ways with right clicking icon)

./gambaslatestupdate.gambas -h
Usage: Gambas Latest Updater <options> <arguments>

 -a --auto-update             FULL Auto-update on start, implies -cpm
 -q --quick-update            FULL Quick-update on start, implies -cpm
 -c --compile                    Compile and install source
 -p --pull                           Pull updates from gitlab
 -m --pull-master              Pull master updates from gitlab
 -V --version                     Display version
 -h --help                          Display this help

Add checking of versions on start to stop updating if nothing new.
Iron out any new bugs i haven't found yet.
Finish writing help/instructions. (it's an advanced updater for those who
know what they are doing and with the tooltips it should all make sense to
most anyway)


All the best

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