[Gambas-user] List al the classes and symbols

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Tue Jun 28 23:04:56 CEST 2022

El 28/6/22 a las 16:40, Benoit Minisini escribió:
> I strongly suggest that you make a copy of the classes located in the 
> 'Project/Components' folder of the IDE project, and use them to get the 
> class metadata.
> These are the classes that should be put inside a component.

I've tried to do that but the IDE "never ends up" asking me to add more 
classes from other directories that are needed, see bellow  please.

ls -R
Component  Editor  Family  Help  Project  Project.module  Util.module
CClassInfo.class  CDocumentation.class  CPropertyInfo.class
CComponent.class  CModule.class         CSymbolInfo.class
Code  Form
CSampleCode.class  FEditor.class  FEditor.form
CControl.class  FForm.class  FForm.form  FToolBox.class  FToolBox.form
MHelp.module  Wiki

Anyway, I managed to get and sort all the data for each component and 
the classes they contain.

Now I want to add the information that is in the gambas wiki.
Could someone tell me if this information is in a text file or similar ? 
and if so, where is it ?
See the pics please, I has marked the zones of interest.
1,2,3 i have but 4 & 5 not.

For example, the collection has an associated text on the wiki page

 > Collection > This class implements an hash table whose keys are 
String and values are Variant.

Where is this text, in the code, in a separate file?

Best regards.

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