[Gambas-user] label control

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Thu Jun 16 22:47:18 CEST 2022

Il 16/06/22 18:56, gian via User ha scritto:
> Il 16/06/22 18:15, Steve via User ha scritto:
>> Bruce had a beautiful solution I don't understand half of the 
>> programming he used but it works flawlessly.
> Can you please point me to the code?
> I don't think I received it, thank you
> Regards
> Gianluigi

Kindly Bruce Steers answered me privately and posted the code.
So I could see that I didn't understand even on the second reading :-)

I thought you wanted to reduce the Font so that the string would all fit 
inside the label and instead you wanted to truncate it.

I finally realized... that I didn't understand ;-D


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