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On Tue, 14 Jun 2022 at 23:27, Steve via User <user at lists.gambas-basic.org>

> I am attempting to populate a label control. The text on the control will
> vary. The size of the control does not. Is there a way to detect when the
> text Will overflow the control so that I can split the text up properly to
> display? This would be in the case where there is sufficient vertical room
> but not horizontal. Also the font size will vary

Forget the code in that last post, Paint.TrimText() does a lot more than
those few lines i typed from memory at work (must have been a different

Try this function, it can return the trimmed text using Paint.TrimText
and/or update the label...

Public Sub TrimLabelText(hLabel As Label, Optional UpdadeLabel As Boolean)
As String

  Dim sText As String

  Dim i As New Image(5, 5) ' make a dummy image to use Paint.class on
  Paint.Font = hLabel.Font
  sText = Paint.TrimText(hLabel.Text, hLabel.Width, hLabel.Height)
  i = Null
  If UpdadeLabel And If sText <> hLabel.Text Then hLabel.Text = sText
  Return sText


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