[Gambas-user] Any possible way to level up?

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Fri Jun 3 16:08:15 CEST 2022

Am 03.06.22 um 15:42 schrieb T Lee Davidson:
> On 6/3/22 05:48, Bruce Steers wrote:
>> Many programs, for example mint update shows available updates and 
>> only when i press "Install updates" does it ask for su elevation.
> I could be wrong since I have tried Debian-flavored distros only twice: 
> once out of curiosity and once out of necessity. However, I am fairly 
> certain that it does not escalate its own privileges but calls an 
> install script with the su privileges through sudo.

I think there is a one-program-calls-second-one mechanism. I know it 
from Ubuntu, but it seems as if the password thing calls another process 
which is in the sudo list and uses the password given to call sudo (and 
sudo is only that it may be called from a non-sudo user).

Or something like that...


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