[Gambas-user] Gambas on the PinePhone

james at lixce.com james at lixce.com
Sat Jan 29 05:25:55 CET 2022


Manjaro cannot install Gambas from the repos at the moment.  I am compiling on the PineBook and will install manually on the new phone that still has Wayland.  Looks like there is no keyboard-mouse combination to move and resize windows under Wayland like Alt+LeftButton to move and Alt+RightButton to resize under X11.  The straight Arch PinePhone setup uses X11 so that might be an option for you.  I have not wiped the default Manjaro+KDE on the PinePhone Pro yet so I will see if I can figure anything out there after I finish compiling Gambas.

Guess I should setup one of the older PinePhones with Wayland so I can make sure things work. I'm really trying to avoid Wayland as long as possible.



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