[Gambas-user] Why are the gitlab master and "system info" versions different?

Martin Belmonte mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Wed Jan 26 21:10:34 CET 2022

El 26/1/22 a las 17:19, Benoît Minisini escribió:
> As it is too long, gitlab only displays the eight first digits, whereas 
> the git tools displays the seven first digits.
OK, I understand.
So the gambas IDE truncates into 7 characters what git gives [1], which 
is the full hash.
But if you using [2] that gives the 7 char short version (that you say 

[1] git rev-parse HEAD
[2] git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1

So, if it's not too much work since it's not that important either, it's 
just to make it more user friendly and see the same code everywhere, 
change the IDE to truncates the same as this in 8 characters.


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